Mr. Piyawat Niyomrerks; Vice Minister of Industry, Thailand. Mr. Niyomrerks received his B.A. (Law) (Hons.) from Thammasat University, M.A. (International Relations) from Saint John’s University, USA and Master of Comparative Law from Georgetown University, USA. With academic expertise Mr. Niyomrerks started his career with joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Attaché, Translation Division, Department of Treaties and Legal Affairs in 1975 and has a great career development afterwards until becoming the First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations, New York in 1987; Minister Counsellor, Royal Thai Embassy, London in 1993; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Thailand to Malaysia in 2007, to name a few. Before retiring in October 2012, he was an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Thailand to the Kingdom of Denmark. Mr. Niyomrerks was also served as Secretary-General, United Nations Association of Thailand during 1990-1992 and Director, Board of Directors of the PTT Public Company Limited during 2010-2011.


Professor Dr. Teruo Miyazawa; Vice Dean of Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. Professor Miyazawa serves now as President of Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science; President of the Japan Society on Lipid Peroxide Biology and Medicine; Deputy-President of the Japan Oil Chemist’s Society; Director of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology; Chair of the Rice Bran Oil subcommittee for the Japan Association for Techno-innovation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Member of the American Oil Chemist’s Sociey, to name a few. He received his Ph.D. in Lipid Chemistry from Tohoku University. Professor Miyazawa areas of expertise are health functionalities of food lipids, lipid oxidations, vitamins, antioxidants and biofactors.


Mr. Pravit Santiwattana; Executive Director, Thai Edible Oil Co., Ltd, Thailand. Mr. Santiwattana received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Chulalongkorn University, Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from University of Montana, USA and Master of Business Administration (Executive Program) from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. With many years of expertise and business experience, Mr. Santiwattana was appointed as the Director of Food Processing Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries, 2004-2006; the President of Chulalongkorn Chemistry Alumni Club, 2009-2010; and is presently the Representative of the Federation of Thai Industries for the CODEX JOINT FAO/WHO FOOD STANDARDS PROGRAMME, CODEX COMMITTEE ON FATS AND OILS. He received many professional awards such as Rice Innovation Award (2nd Place winner: King Rice Bran Oil Non-dairy Creamer) in 2011; Rice Innovation Award (1st Place winner: King Rice Bran Oil Shortening) in 2010, National Innovation Award in Economic Category (1st Place winner: King Rice Bran Oil - High Oryzanol 4,000 ppm) in 2006, to name a few.


Professor Dr. Xuebing Xu; R & D director of Wilmar International and general manager for Wilmar Global R & D Center. Dr. Xu received his Ph.D. degree of chemical engineering from Technical University of Denmark, and has been a professor/honorary professor in Agro-Biotechnology Science in Aarhus University, Faculty of Science since 2008.  Prof. Xu has published about 180 papers (more than 130 have been indexed by SCI) and is referee (ad hoc) of more than 30 academic journals, associate editors or members of editorial board of several international academic journals. His areas of research include non-water phase enzyme technology, industrial biocatalysis, lipid technology, monitoring/analysis technology, food/lipid/ingredients functionality, biofuel technology, etc.


Dr. B.V. Mehta; Executive Director of The Solvent Extractors' Association of India (SEA), having over 850 members engaged in Oilseed crushing, Solvent Extractions, Import of Veg. Oils & Export of Oilmeals from India. He obtained the Doctorate in the area of “WTO with reference to Indian Oilseed Sector and its Safeguards”. Dr. Mehta is also member of National Oilseed Development Board (NOVOD) headed by Agriculture Minister as the Chairman and Secretary Ministry of Agriculture Government of India as the Vice Chairman.


Professor Dong Ping He; Executive Vice President of Oil & Fats sub-association in Chinese Cereals & Oils Association, China. Professor He is the professor at Wuhan Polytechnic University, D.E., doctoral tutor. His areas of interest are in oil engineering teaching and research. He is standing director of China grain and oil association; vice chairman of oil and grease branch of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association; leader of oilseeds and oil standardization technical working team of the national standardization technical committee; director of grain and oil resources comprehensive development engineering technology research center of the State Administration of Grain; director of the society for microbiology of Hubei province (Wuhan); member of light industry and food science teaching steering committee of the ministry of education. Professor He won the award for the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions and the second level talents in the new centry in Hubei province.


Mr. Prasert Setwipattanachai; Managing Director of Surin Bran Oil Co., Ltd., Surin, Thailand. Mr. Setwipattanachai graduated a Bachelor degree in Engineering (Electrical) from Chulalongkorn University and worked as an Engineer at SCG Kaengkoi Cement Plant for 6 months in 1989 before commencing the Managing Director of Surin Bran Oil Co., Ltd since 1990.


Dr. A. R. Sharma; Chairman and Managing Director, Ricela Health Foods Limited, India. Dr. Sharma has a doctorate degree in Global Food Laws from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has over 24 years of experience in Edible Oil Industry. He has done a pioneer work in developing physical refining process of rice bran oil, patent of which is registered with Government of India in his name. He has presented several articles, papers on the subject matter. He has also led the Solvent Extractors’ Association of India (a premier association of vegetable oil industry and trade in India) as its President from 2005 to 2007. With many years of expertise and business experience, Dr. Sharma received National Award in 2007 for R & D; National Technology Award in 2009; and First National Award 2009 for outstanding efforts in entrepreneurship.


Mr. Preecha Saengtheerapitikul; President of Thai Association for Powder Industries. Mr. Saengtheerapitikul is a free-lance professional consultant and advisor of many organizations such as Center of Excellence in Particle Technology, Chulalongkorn University; Thai Traditional Medicine and Herbal Development Center; Multipro International Co., Ltd.; Patar Lab Co., Ltd. and Sahapan Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. He received his B.Sc. in Pharmacy from Mahidol University and M.S. degree in Administration, Brooklyn College of Pharmarcy, New York, USA. His area of interest is nanomaterial.


Dr. Laksana Charoenchai; Lecturer at Traditional Medicine Research Center, Faculty of Pharmacy, Rangsit University. Dr. Charoenchai received her Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA. Her research areas focus on analytical chemistry and quality control of medicinal plants and products.


Professor Dr. V. Chockalingam; Head Department of Cardiology, Madras Medical College and Chief Cardiologist Govt. General Hospital, Chennai, India. Professor Chockalingam received his D.M. in Cardiology and Doctor of Science from Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai. His fields of interest are Coronary Heart Disease: Primary & Secondary Prevention; Coronary Stenting, and Artificial Cardiac Pacing. He is a member committee for Ph.D. Cardiology, Anna University, Chennai. Professor Chockalingam initiated “Zero Heart Attack Path” ZHAP, a lifestyle Modification Programme; published many articles in Tamil and English Dailies and Periodicals for Public regarding primary prevention of coronary heart diseases; and participated in various Cardiac Health Programmes “Mind and Heart” in All India Radio, Doordarshan and various Private T.V. Channels and Public Meetings and interactios.


Mr. Porntep Tanakulrangsarit; owner of Lopburi cold pressed vegetable oils store and Lopburi Package Limited Partnership, Lopburi, Thailand. Mr. Tanakulrangsarit received his M.S. in Business Economy from Kasetsart University. He is the first producer and distributor of cold-pressed rice bran oil in Thailand. He is also the producer and distributor of a horizontal screw type pressing machine for plant seed oil.


Dr. Chatree Preedaananthasuk; Deputy Director of Naresuan University Business Incubator, Phitsanulok, Thailand. Dr. Preedaananthasuk is also a lecturer in the Department of Business Management, Faculty of Business, Economics and Communications, Naresuan University. He received his Ph.D. in Management from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. His areas of expertise are planning, organizational and analytical skills with recognition in ability to design and implement program from ground establishment to meet the set goal and objective with success.


Ms. Sarawanee  Srinaowaratt; Director of Agro-Processing Management Division in  Bureau of Agro–Processing Industry Development, Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry.   Ms. Srinaowaratt obtained her Master degree in Economics from Kasetsart University, Thailand. She has worked as Industrial Technical Officer in DIP since 1997. Her experience is in the area of promoting and supportive activities such as consultancy services, training, entrepreneurship development, business incubation, cluster development, productivity improvement, promote marketing opportunity locally and internationally.

Mr. Sitthirong Rengngiab; Industrial Technical Officer in Industrial Promotion Center of Region 3, Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry. Mr. Sitthirong obtained her Master degree in Master of Business Adminis-tration from Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand. He has worked as Industrial Technical Officer in DIP since 2004. His experience is in the area of promoting and supportive activities such as consultancy services, training, entrepreneurship development, business incubation, cluster development, productivity improvement.
Ms.Ajchalee sukket; work at the Industrial Promotion Center Region in the Strategy Management Section plan the budget. Ms.Ajchalee sukket her undegree in Program General Management fome Rajabhat institute pibulsongkam, Thailand. She has worked as a Policy Analyst and Planning since 2011, her experience in the area of promotion and support activities, such as advising on business opportunities at the center. Plan to work in harmony with government policies and strategies.
Mr.Methat Suriwongna ; work at the Industrial Promotion Region 2 (Phitsanulok Province) in the Industrial Supporting system Development Division; Section Service Provider Development. Mr.Methat Suriwongna he degree in Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) from Ramkhamhaeng University Sukhothai Campus (RUSC),Thailand. He has worked in Industrial Promotion Region 2 Since 1997. He has experience. Consulting on the production, marketing and management. Advisory System Standard ISO 9001: 2008, Consultancy Fund, cluster development. Development of the service industry. And to improve productivity.
Mr. Surachai Trithum Officiate Industrial Promotion Center Region 2 in The development of supporting industries. I am responsible for the project Industrial Cluster Development and Development group management group and networking industry. Groups that are responsible. Cluster of gems and jewelry. Sukhothai. Tak and textile cluster. Speaker and the development of community enterprise management.

Associate Professor Boontiem Khemapirat; Otolaryngologists at Vichaiyut Hospital & Medical Center and Ophthalmologists at Rutnin Eye Hospital. Associate Professor Khemapirat received his Doctor of Medicine program from Chulalongkorn University. He has attended several training courses such as Trumbull Memorial Hospital, Warren, Ohio, U.S.A, Long Island College of Medicine, New York, U.S.A, Clevelan, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.


Associate Professor Dr. Panvipa Krisdaphong; President of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, England; President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemist of Thailand and Dean of Cosmetic Science School, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand. Associate Professor Dr. Krisdaphong received her B.Sc. in Pharmacy from Chiang Mai University; M.Sc. in Industrial Pharmacy from Chulalongkorn University and Ph.D. in Manufacturing Pharmacy from Mahidol University, Thailand. With many years of expertise, she has been the consultant of many organizers and guest speakers in many international conferences.


Ms. Wallee Chansuksurachode; R & D Director - Foods APAC, PepsiCo Services Asia Ltd. Ms. Chansuksurachode received her Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Mahidol University and Master of Food Technology from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Ms. Chansuksurachode started her career with R&D Officer at THAI PRESIDENT FOODS CO., LTD. during 1989 – 1991; Research Associate at THAI WAH CO., LTD. during 1991 – 1993; Assistance R&D Manager at PEPSI COLA (THAI) TRADING CO., LTD. since 1995 and presently she is a Regional ASPAC Foods Director since 2011. With many years of experience and expertise Ms. Chansuksurachode has received many  awards such as New NPDs Launch i.e. Nori Seaweed, Extra BBQ and Lay’s Siam Classic delivered 47% Volume Growth in 2003; 2010 PepsiCo R&D Power of One - Human Sustainability Award from ASIA VP R&D for RBO Lay’s Project; 2010 PepsiCo R&D Power of One - Innovation for Sustainable Growth Award from ASIA VP R&D for Twisties Twice Project; and 2012 AMEA R&D Summit Award and 2012 AMEA R&D - Exemplary Collaboration Award for PC Harmonization Specification, to name a few.


Mr. Komsan Hutapaed; Editor of Kasetkamthammachart Journal Thailand and Director of Sufficient Economy Group, The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture Office (Public Organization). Mr. Hutapaed is also the editor of the Area Based Development Research Journal, Thailand Research Fund (TRF).       Mr. Hutapaed has written many articles and books in chemical free Agriculture, healthy consumption and healthy foods, natural lifestyle, renewable energy and environment. He has been producing many mass media in the fields of agriculture, consumption, energy, environment, aids, etc.


Assistant Professor Dr. Supakit Sayasoonthorn; lecturer in Department of Farm Mechanics, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University, THAILAND. Assistant Professor Sayasoonthorn received his Ph.D. in Postharvest Technology from Kasetsart University. His areas of interest are Harvesting/Postharvest & Processing Machinery; Packaging of agricultural product.


Associate Professor Dr. Peeradet Tongumpai, Director of Agricultural Research Development Agency. Associate Professor Tongumpai received his Ph.D. in Horticulture from Oregon State University. He is an honorary committee member and advisor of many organizations both government and private. He is also a columnist for Modern Agriculture column in Komchadluek Newspaper.


Associate Professor Dr. Sukhgij Ysothonsreekul; Vice President for External Relations and lecturer in Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medical Science, Naresuan University. Associate Professor Ysothonsreekul received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Kansas State University. He also obtained Postdoc in Molecular Genetics from Harvard Medical School and Postdoc in Biochemistry from University of California, San Diego. Associate Professor Ysothonsreekul is also an Adjunct Professor at Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas, USA and an Invited Professor at University of Franche-Comte, Besancon, France. His areas of interest are role of cathepsin L in proteolytic processing of human chromogranin A; proteomic and genomic analyses in breast cancer; cathepsin L and Arg/Lys aminopeptidase; and biosynthesis of peptide neurotransmitters and hormones.


Associate Professor Dr. Neti Waranuch; Lecturer in Department of Pharmaceutical Technology. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from The University of Michigan and Postdoctoral Training from College of Pharmacy, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Associate Professor Waranuch is also a Director of Naresuan University Business Incubator and Head of Cosmetics and Natural Products Research Center, Naresuan University. He is a consultant of the Institute of Beauty and Health Sciences Co., Ltd., Samutprakarn, Thailand. His research interest is in the area of topical drug delivery and cosmetic formulations.


Dr. Jareer Mansour Abu-Ali; Director of Naresuan University ASEAN-AMERICAN Industrial Food Consulting Center (AAIF), Thailand. Dr. Abu-Ali graduated with a PhD in Food Science-Process Engineering from The Ohio State University where he was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Assistant and Distinguished Research Assistant awards. Dr. Abu-Ali is a veteran of the US and global food industry who has worked as a researcher and Director of Research & Development for some of the top food companies in the world such as PepsiCo (Frito-Lay and Quaker oats divisions), Kraft Foods/Cadbury and Paramount Farms Inc., to name a few. During his career, Dr. Abu-Ali has been the recipient of several distinguished awards such as the PepsiCo Chairman’s Award and the William Oxley Thompson Award.

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